Weddings bind two people in a good relationship. However, not every time a marriage
proves to be fruitful for the couples. Often it has disastrous consequences. Matrimony is an important phase of a person’s life and thus it needs to be done with good planning and right intention

s. There isn’t any point in marrying a person whom you don’t love or do not trust. And, when you get tied in a nuptial bond forcefully, you end up breaking your marriage one day. Every time, you do not have to approach a lawyer and court, you can also perform shadi todne ka totke in Hindi to end your marriage.

Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Amal

Irritating marriages aren’t successful. If both the partners aren’t satisfied with the relationship, then you should surely put an end to it by performing the amal. Being unhappy in a relation is distressing. With the help of shadi todne ka amal, you can get free from an unwanted relation. The amal is simple to perform and very powerful. It will surely help you get out of the unwanted

Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka wazifa | mangani todne ka wazifa

relationship. If you do not have much knowledge about the shadi todne ka amal, then you should get the details from Islamic astrologers and perform it exactly the way it should be performed.

You can do the amal at any time of the day and on any day as per your comfort Make ablution in the right way Recite Durood – Shareef 7 times Recite kisi ki shadi todne ki dua 41 times With these simple steps,you can fulfill the amal.It is advisable that you consult an astrologer to get the shadi todne ki dua. If you perform the amal well, you will get free from a disturbing relationship.

Shadi Rokne Ke Liye Dua in Islam

If you have got engaged to someone but you do not want to marry him/her, then you should recite shadi rokne ke liye dua. With the help of the dua, you can stop your wedding and break your engagem

ent. It will free you from being strangled in a relationship with a person whom you do not love. Once you get free from the engagement, you can marry the one whom you love. Islamic astrologers provide you with kisi ki shadi rokne ka wazifa in Urdu when they’re requested to do so. You need to perform the wazifa in the right way or it will not provide you the results that you desire. These totke are highly effective and helpful when performed by
the right person at the right time and in the right

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. You will surely face no difficult in performing the wazifa once you have the guidance of a professional person. Breaking an engagement ormarriage isn’t a good thing todo but a number of times it gets a necessity to do it. When your engagement or wedding takes an ugly shape, then it is important to end it. Rather than living a regretful life and carrying the burden of an
unsuccessful relationship, you just put an end to it. you no longer have to feel unhappy
and suffocated in a relation. Just recite the wazifa and bring the


to an end. Insha Allah, Allah (swt) will make your life happy and prosperous again and will bless you with anew partner.Remember to make your dua with pure heart. You will surely get result with kisi ki shadi rokne ka totka if you do it right. And, only the guidance of an astrologer could speed and ease your work.